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 A brief status report

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PostSubject: A brief status report   Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:52 am

Just some info on wheres I been lately.

So at work we are putting in a whole new call switch. Mega tons of work, also means I am working longer days, and am worn out a bit more.
The biggest change is me having to be on call 24/7, cause of this at anytime I can get a phone call and have to take it / drop off the game I am playing.
Cause of this I have not played / will be playing too much LOL. Even though I am dying to get into LoL and try mord's changes. I will however be in vindictus often. Why? well in LoL I have to dedicate / set aside potentially an hour, in vindictus I can drop out at any instant and not screw my team mates over. I hate to be the guy that is in a LoL game and 10 minutes in goes afk for 15 minutes then comes back and just feeds cause too far behind.

I also have been talking with my old clanmates, on skype alot of late. I actually dual voice chat, our ventrillo and skype. My old guild about 6 remaining, 4 highly actives, are picking up vindictus, and could roll into clan kolt at some time. I am working on adding them into vindictus clankolt now so you guys get the crimson tokens. They tend to bore of games quickly though and move onto the next thing. so not sure if they fit into a stable guild for long term. Anyways, if you see a few new people that mention me they from my old guild, and are all great people, that love to game, PvP at any chance, and work as a team.

Auth (vindictus is such said person).

So when you see me on vent know I am there listening and will talk if you say something, but I also have skype's running and could just be down right not able to talk cause I am on a phone call, with work. Not to mention I could have just fell asleep at the computer desk, from exhaustion.

Once the switch is in place and work slows down again, I will be back to hardcoring LoL again.
Till then look for me in vindictus.

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Dale Martel


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PostSubject: Re: A brief status report   Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:18 pm

While we're still working on recruitment policy for the Clan KoLT Vindictus Division, right now it seems to be an open door policy, so as soon as they apply they will be accepted. If they want to leave later down the road, they're more then welcome to.

As for what's happening with you: Good luck man.
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A brief status report
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